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The Missionaries of the Month for May 2024 are Joe and Bonnie Valentin. Read about their latest update here!


Here is the latest update we've just received from the Valentins:


We've just returned from a five-country tour in Eurasia and Europe, where we were able to visit three of BI's translation projects. In Eurasia, we were able to share the new Ingiloy book of Acts with the believers there, along with the accompanying Scripture app in Android and iPhone. They shared with us that they inwardly "trembled" when they heard part of Acts spoken in their own language. We were able to encourage the Muslim Tat, who went on a research trip on our behalf, saving us the trouble of trying to get visas for Russia. They met a pastor there, and although they did not find any believing Muslim Tats on this trip, there are plans to return. They plan to publish the Gospel of Mark very soon. In Luxembourg, we met with the translators, readers and administrators face to face for the first time, and it was a time of mutual encouragement as they work through the OT. They plan to publish the Pentateuch later this year. They are already up and running with Scripture engagement, and we will have much more to share about that when we come to update later this year. So our praise is for the profitable trip abroad.



"Our prayer request is for the shipments of Zomi Bibles which have not arrived at their intended destinations for one reason or another."

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