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The Missionaries of the Month for December 2023 are Chris & Amber Knobloch. Read about their latest update here!



Chris & Amber’s ministry God’s Helping Hands continues to stay busy and has been ripe with ministry opportunities over the last year. Here is their most current update:

Chris & Amber Knobloch & Family

"Ministry with God’s Helping Hands continues to be very busy providing consistent open doors of opportunity for the gospel. As we look back on 2023, we see a year filled with both personal struggles and blessings.


At times, it felt like everything but the kitchen sink was being thrown in our way to discourage our participation in evangelism. We dealt with everything from grief of loss (with the unexpected passing of Amber’s mom) to health struggles to vehicle headaches to house challenges sometimes all at once and always as the backdrop for the ministry opportunities the Lord supplied for us.


In short, 2023 has proven to be extremely fatiguing to the point of near exhaustion physically and emotionally. So we went to the Source of all strength and made a request: 'Please Lord, we don’t want to miss any of these ministry opportunities. Please give us that strength.' And He did! We never missed a single opportunity He provided! In fact, as we look forward, our ministry calendar is nearly full for the next 18 months at least!


We have long pleaded with the Lord to give us a revival in His Church and a spiritual awakening in the country and beyond. We are excited to say that we have seen many evidences that those prayers are beginning to be answered!!"



Praise God that they have a full calendar booked out for the next 18 months!

God has given them strength "beyond their own ability" in 2023 and saw Him work in the lives of others and their own.

God's Helping Hands is expanding with their Reach More ministry and continues to make progress as God provides.

Praise God that each of the Knobloch daughters love Christ and want to serve Him. This year, all four have publicly proclaimed their faith through baptism.

Their home kitchen is nearly done with renovations after months of planning and hard work!


They are in need of continued strength in their first calling—their home—and then in their ministry.

Please pray for the family as they navigate the first year of grieving after experiencing the death of Amber's mother.

Though God continues to supply, several of their supporters have gone home to Heaven. They are praying for God's provision that there may possibly be new ministry partners.

As their children continue to grow, they are asking God for wisdom in parenting during these new stages.

They continue to pray for God to supply for His vision and direction for their ministry, and they are encouraged in the ways they have seen their ministry grow. They trust God to supply wisdom, new and creative ideas, personnel and finances at the right time.

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